Laid Down Lovers

She is resting in the shadows 

of the One she loves most

The place she unknowingly

longed for

she has found

No longer controlled by 

her past and her fears

Her heart now runs free

She knows the true 

meaning of love

Found it when she was 

brought to her knees 

Nowhere to turn she chose 

to embrace what was 

handed to her

In the midst of her enemies 

she was stripped

Humiliated, laughed at

The talk of the town

People knew her better 

than she knew herself

Unknowingly she was 

right where Father wanted 

her all along….dead

Oh what a price of dying and surrender she had to pay!

She could relate with the 

woman with the alabaster jar

She once was lost,


and in pain

Now restored

by the love 

of the Father 

As she entered His presence 

The religious disapprove of 

her presence

If they could get rid of her 

They certainly would have

With all eyes on her

She pressed in, when 

they wanted her to run

She did not care about 

the whispers, the sighs,

the dirty looks

Her eyes were glued to 

the One called Love

Everyone else faded

to the background

A sacred moment between 

two laid down lovers

Forever remembered and treasured by other laid down lovers

In the midst of many enemies 

She poured her symbol of 

love on the One who

showed her love 

Uncovering the hearts of 

the religious

Who never had an encounter with His fragrant love

Her heart was laid bare

As she washed Jesus’ feet with 

her tears and wiped it with her hair

They saw glimpses

of what they never experienced

Love in all its facets 

Between a sinner and her Saviour

who experienced redemption 

and love

A place Jesus lures His 

laid down lovers to

Only them and Jesus know 

about the sacrifices, the daily dying, the rejection and hard processes they endured 

They endured joyfully for what 

they have found

Can never be compared to anything this world has to offer

Jesus knew the significance 

of this sacred moment

Of a remnant bride that 

would follow His lead

Sold out to His Kingdom

Changed into His image

by hard processes

Desperate to linger in His presence

Who would know Him as their First Love, their Restorer, their Healer, their Deliver, their Best Friend!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Laid Down Lovers

The Journey

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