Let’s Put Christ Back In Christians

I have always loved the quote by Ghandi….

“I love your Jesus – it’s your Christians I have a problem with, they are so unlike your Christ.”

Not everyone that claims to be a Christian acts Christlike.

That’s a fact.

I get saddened when I hear someone say they want nothing to do with religion or Christians because they are hypocrites and hateful people.

I always reply I don’t do religion either but I have a personal relationship with Jesus that changed my life and I try to be more like Him each and every day.

But guess what – I still can fall short of His glorious standards.

That’s a bit of a dramatic statement for them to make because definitely not all are hypocrites and hateful – but just scroll a bit on Social Media and see what some “Christians” are sharing and posting.

Some are pretty alarming things.

Look at the moral failure stories of countless people, from Presidents to Pastors to Church leadership and celebrities. And look at the comments on those stories.

Even the “good” headlines seem to have people so suspect of the validity of someone’s conversion that they all have negative opinions on how that just can’t be genuine or so because they have done this or that …or still do this or say this or that …

Everyone seems to have a strong opinion.

The sides are split on many of the big Headline Newsmakers.

Heck, these days you can’t even rely on the news for the truth.

So, what spin are we really seeing?

Have we gotten the whole story?

Or are we just repeating something we don’t even know is true or valid?

And at the end of the day are we really even qualified to make an assessment or judgement on any of it at all? Is it even our place to?

And what makes us feel entitled to give our opinion or 2 cents on ANY OF IT?

What makes us think that everyone else’s “stuff” is our right to weigh in on or any of our business?

Who are we to judge who is worthy or unworthy of being truly saved or forgiven? Or given another chance?

Who are we to decide that sin ABC is not as bad as sin XYZ ?

Who are we to comment on what we “think” we know about another persons heart? Or character? Or Faith?

I am guilty at times for sharing an opinion that maybe goes against the grain, reveals a less than pure heart, or is laced in judgement.

We all can be …

That is when I have to take it to God to rectify and repent.

That’s what we all should be doing.

Everyone’s newsfeeds were bombarded with the big story of forgiveness the last few days over the Dallas police officer that shot someone and his brother forgave her …

Some couldn’t grasp the ability of someone to do this …

Some that have been forgiven of much could understand how with Christ’s help we could …

I personally think that was just the first stone in a sea of ripples for us to begin to change.

I would like to challenge us all today …

May we put “Christ” back in Christian.

May we resign our

Holy Ghost Junior positions.

Our Holier Than Thou mindsets.

Our Judge and Jury stances.

Our Know It All, Prideful, Hating, Dividing, Judging, Resharing, Commenting, Talking, or anything else that is not 100% pure and lovely or of good report.

Let’s get back to liking each others kiddos, pets, vacations, being encouraged, praying for each other, finding good places to eat from your food pics and not stoop to that level anymore.

Let’s show a narrative forced upon us that the country is divided by so much that it doesn’t have to be anymore.

Let’s start standing up to say – NOPE – we aren’t choosing that anymore … we choose to put goodness, kindness, mercy, grace, forgiveness and ultimately LOVE back to the front of all we do and say.

We lay down the gauntlets and get on our knees for each other instead.

By putting “Perfect Love” first place in our lives – we show the world what Christ really looks like.

What “Christ”ians act like.


is possible!

Let’s start by first putting “Christ” back in us… Christians.

And showing the World we aren’t hateful hypocritical people.

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

#LiveRestored #MindBodySoul


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