Now Is Not The Time To Retreat

Hopelessness written 

over her face

She feels drained, depleted 

with no fight left

Faith turned to fear

Peace to anxiety

Her mind is taken captive 

by negative thoughts

She feels like she has no 

where to turn

The furnace is seven times hotter

With no light in sight

Just unanswered prayers

Demons ready to take her out

Voices trying hard

to lead her astray

She can hardly remember 

the faith filled days

When her focus were steady

Her mind at ease

Her spirits high

Ready to battle every demon coming to steal from her

Now she is just a shadow

Of the faith giant she 

once was

The battles took its toll

She retreated to her cave

Overcome by passivity

Overcome by the voices

trying to scare her

Forgetting that there’s a reason for the resistance in the spiritual realm

Father can see

where we cannot see

Therefore the call to come 

up to higher levels of consecration and holiness 

Higher levels of obedience 

and coming aside

To discern the times and seasons

To pick up our swords that we 

laid down

To war, decree and declare 

Fighting the good fight of faith

To trust yet again like a child

Now is not the time to retreat

It’s time to get your fight back 

To war once again

in the secret place 

Work with heaven to take a hold

of what is yours 

Your promises and dreams 

are at stake 

It’s the strategy of the enemy 

to tire us to the point of giving up!

Monday morning I had a dream where I was in a church, the pastor on the platform had to be excused and she was scanning the crowd, came to me and guided me to the platform to stand in for her. The words that came out of my mouth were “Great changes are coming”. 

I believe it’s a message from Father for His church to hold on to every promise and dream that He gave us. Now is not the time to retreat, to be passive and to lay down our spiritual weapons. There is much resistance in the spiritual realm, because the enemy knows what is coming to each son and daughter walking in obedience. He is working overtime to make us despondent to the point of not believing and giving up on God. I know many are battle weary, with no strength left and feeling discouraged. I would want to encourage you to seek Papa’s face for direction and strategy. Worship your way through this time, lean into Papa and He will be your guide.

Attacks are coming from every side, even from those close to you, but there’s always purpose in every situation and soon everything will make sense. Although painful we must push forward, walk in love 

and not get stuck. Papa also reminded me to look back over my life and remember the times He showed Himself great on my behalf and I believe He wants each one of us to remember His faithfulness and His goodness towards us in the past. It will strengthen our faith to believe in the impossible and help us to focus and fight for His promises towards us.

Stand up, take out your sword, push back the forces of darkness, degree and declare your breakthrough and let no one steal your inheritance. Since last week, Papa keeps giving me this scripture and even confirmed it twice. Make it yours, and know that we serve a faithful God who cannot lie. 

Isaiah 60: 22

“When the time 

is right, I the Lord will make it happen.”

~ Ebigale Wilson

Now Is Not The Time To Retreat

The Journey