Our Eyes Have Seen The Father

She walked a long road

A journey set out for her 

before the foundation of

the earth

Looking back trying to 

retrieve the steps she took

She is amazed at how far 

she has come

For the road she walked 

was not an easy one

Different journeys we are on

From different countries, 

races and backgrounds

Papa’s sons and daughters

walking out life

One day at a time

Tough days, hard challenges,

dark nights 

With only His voice to serve 

as our compass


We see His fingerprints on 

the highs and lows of our lives 

On every painful experience

Every betrayal, every hurt, 

every closed door

How He made everything in 

our lives, beautiful in His time

We learned to discern His 

voice in the midst of many storms

Though many voices would 

cry out to get our attention

We learned to be captured 

only by One

As the winds of adversity 

blew all around us and 

through us

We held tight to His hand 

In the midst of rejection, betrayal, our deepest pain

We found rest in the shadow 

of our Father

When all hell broke loose to escort us back to our past

We held on with all our might

To the gaze of our Father

Guiding and leading us to 

His perfect rest

Till we were strengthened 

to face the world again

We were stretched beyond 

our wildest dreams

Training on higher levels 

Battles left us weary and weak

At times we failed, but Papa would encourage us to not 

give up

The old disappeared 

We were changed by His grace

We said goodbye to many daughters who returned to 

their past

The price of surrender was 

too much to ask

We took possession of a 

place known by few

Where peace is the air 

we breath

Not a trace of the scars,

the pain and the hurt

Not a trace of the old we 

have dealt with

Everyday as we went 

higher with Him

We guarded our hearts

Dealt with the issues that 

held us captive

Looking back we started 

our journeys with promises from Papa’s heart

We couldn’t wait to make 

it our own

We went through strenuous training

To be a holy, set apart people 

Now we stand empty handed

Stripped of ourselves, our wants and our needs

Ready to lay down whatever 

Papa asks

The promises are on the horizon, but not important anymore

He brought us to this consecrated place in Him

Where nothing else matters, but to be One with Him

To know Him in the fullness 

of His majesty and glory

As His love washes over us

Leaving us breathless

Desperate to know Him more

We thought it was a journey 

to take a hold of all His promises

He knew it was a journey 

that would lead us to be

sold out to Him

Captivated by every facet of His heart filled with love for us

When we open our mouths

People know we have been with 

the Father

And we can smile, because 

like Job we have heard of Papa before our journeys ,

But now after the journey 

our eyes have seen the Father.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Our Eyes Have Seen The Father

The Journey