In our fantasies, we may play the conquering hero, but in real life, God the Father is the hero of the story; Christ is his “Robin Hood,” and the Holy Spirit is his “maid Marian.”  In the natural, we often look to mortal men to save the day, but, in the Spirit realm, God rules; God saves, and God gets all the glory.  Often, we are the afflicted peasants that need the valiant knight to come and rescue us.  Undoubtedly, we ourselves are sometimes called out to perform feats of valor, but it is always with divine enablement that we conquer villains and with eternal purposes that we are motivated.  

It is only the man who has been vanquished by The King himself who can venture forth in the name of truth and justice to fight battles on behalf of his Lord.

For “It is not against flesh and blood that we battle, but against powers and principalities, against the rulers of this dark age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly realms.”  

Don’t misunderstand, our battles often involve human vessels, both righteous and otherwise, but underlying every human conflict lies God’s arch nemesis striving to disrupt Our Father’s plans to create a paradise for his children.  

We may remember that Jesus never had to use his fists to defend himself.  God vindicated him, even after he submitted to the ultimate injustice of the cross.  And, just like Jesus, we also must often retreat to the wilderness, where alone with Our God we must face down our spiritual enemy.  

Then, we can venture forth among mankind to begin our ministries and carry our own crosses, just as he commanded.

Only the man who has allowed himself to be mastered by The Prince of Peace is called to go forth in his name to slay dragons and demons and set captives free.  

For peace is Our Father’s ultimate aim – “Peace to those on whom his favor rests.”  Only the wicked and the violent will suffer wrath in the day of judgement.  

The righteous and the peace loving will be vindicated, rescued, and ushered into a kingdom of peace where they will walk eternally with their God of Love.  “Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.”  Not a bad reward for the price of acquiescence to The Almighty!

~ Brad Heilhecker