Unfailing Love

“What a man desires is unfailing love, and it is better to be poor than a liar,” – Proverbs 19:22. Another translation reads, “What is desirable in a man is unfailing love, and a poor man is better than a liar.” Both may be true. We desperately desire to find a love that will never fail, and what we prize in others is a faithful, enduring love. This is what draws us to and bonds us with our parents, our friends, and Our God.

Psalm 18:35 says, “Thy gentleness has made me great.” Oftentimes, we may think that greatness is born of great effort or great giftedness, and both of these things are important in life, but without the Lord’s unfailing mercies, we would be lost and floundering in seas of confusion.

So, we must often wait for the Lord to save us and deliver us by his mighty love, and we must in turn share this love with others. There will be times of “tough love” and strict discipline, to be sure, but we must always be aware that there is nothing stronger or more unfailing than Our Father’s sacrificial love for us, his tender, compassionate, and faithful love.

~ Brad Heilhecker