Higher Levels Of Surrender

Higher levels of surrender

Of dying to self

Of consecration

Of separation 

You ask of Your bride

When we thought we laid 

it all down

You come back to unravel 

our hearts even more 

You unpacked our hearts 

so many times

Every crevice

Every dark corner

Every secret place not yet 

dealt with

You want all of Your bride

Not a half surrendered bride

Where immaturity, pride, sin, the 

me, myself and I still reigns 

You laid Your finger on things 

not fully dealt with

Many foxes still blocking 

our walk with You

You want to possess Your bride

Every second of the day

I could hear the urgency 

in Your voice

For Your bride to discern 

the times and seasons

To be emptied out

Dead to self


I asked Papa why “dying daily” is 

so important to Him

I heard Him whisper “Every heart and character issue left unattended, will come back to haunt you in 

the future”

It will derail His plans for us

For where Father takes His bride 

we will have to be trained in every aspect of our hearts and character

How are we going to reign in the higher places prepared 

for us

When we haven’t dealt with every challenge that could hinder our progress 

Nothing of our flesh should 

be visible

Nor our wants and needs

We are His handmaidens 

Fortunate to be known 

by Papa

To be used by Him

Fortunate to know the 

depths and heights of the One who freed us from darkness, sin, fear, rejection, brokenness our painful pasts

Papas love turned pauper 

daughters into princesses

Daughters consumed by fear and anxiety into warrior princesses

Daughters rejected and betrayed 

into daughters overtaken by 

the love of the Father

It’s in the unravelling of 

our hearts

That we will hear Papas

voice clearly

Know His will for us

For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of 

God to be revealed

They are not just any sons and daughters

They are known by their scars

Their deep levels of brokenness

The high prices they have paid

The private sacrifices they have made

I hear Papa say, I will reward 

them publicly for their obedience!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Higher Levels Of Surrender

The Journey