Which Boat Do You Have?

“You see, when a believer never reads the Word of God, never meditates on the truths of the Word, and doesn’t regularly renew his mind with the Word of God, he is like a simple boat that isn’t equipped for long-distance sailing.

He might be able to make it across a little lake; however, in order to victoriously make it across the sea of life and through all the storms he will encounter along the way, he will need major equipment!

That equipment is imparted to a believer when the Word becomes an integral part of his life. God’s Word working inside his heart and mind actually outfits him, decks him out, equips him, or furnishes him with all the spiritual gear he needs to take the adventurous trip God has planned for his life.

With God’s Word fitted tightly in place, that believer is ready to set sail and follow wherever the Holy Spirit leads!

So we have a choice. If we choose to not make God’s Word a priority in our lives, we are still headed to Heaven, but we’re like that first simple, plain, basic boat. In other words, we’re just believers who have only enough spiritual equipment to make it across the little lakes of life.

On the other hand, if we choose to take God’s Word deeply into our minds and hearts and then apply it to our lives, that Word will release its supernatural power to transform us from simple, basic believers to super-believers – endowed with everything needed to successfully make the long-distance journey the Holy Spirit has planned for our lives!”

~ Rick Renner / Sparkling Gems

Restored Ministries

Your Healing Hour