A Place Of Rest

Many sons and daughters experienced a season with 

many detours 

Just when we thought

breakthrough was at hand

We were redirected

to go higher with Papa

Training was on higher 

levels then in previous seasons

A sign of the urgency of 

Papa’s set apart sons and daughters to step up into higher levels of spiritual warfare, discernment, heart 

and character training

We were called into deeper 

waters and uncharted territories

unknown to us for training

Many valuable lessons were learned

Hearts were inspected,

cleansed from pride,

sin and what could potentially

hurt us in the future

As we went higher with Papa the training of our character intensified 

Just when we thought

Papa was done

We were on to the next 

learning curve

For the season ahead deep, irrevocable work had to be done

We cannot enter into the next season with the stench of the 

past still clinging to us

Many times during our 

training and daily challenges 

we were on the brink of 

giving up

Not knowing that Papa is 

busy transforming us into 

His image

He is raising up a set apart,

holy people

To represent Him in all 

spheres of society 

The bar was raised in the spiritual realm for Papa’s will do be done 

in the earth 

The issues we struggled with for years we overcome

The battles that used to drain and deplete us, we no longer engage in

Higher levels of wisdom and discernment were imparted 

to us

Our hearts were healed, while 

in severe training

Looking back over the past 

few years

We can see the growth in 

every area of our lives 

Our wilderness season 

was our most fruitful season

We can see the sacred work 

Holy Spirit has done in us

We past many character 

and heart tests

We were trained in different 

areas unfamiliar to us

While crying, crawling, limping and many times at the brink 

of giving up 

The intensity of the warfare and training would leave us confused and tired at times

Papa would always step in 

to revive our hearts again

His plans and purposes in 

our lives were too important to 

not be obedient


Now we are at a place of rest

Where Papa’s busy with the final touches of our heart transplants

Many experience severe attacks and trials

The storms around us is at 

its worst for a reason

This time we are battle ready!

We won’t give in!

We won’t give up!

It is time to apply what we 

have learnt during our wilderness season!

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Place Of Rest

The Journey