My Paradigm Shift

God is God Alone

And I am never on my own

My heart needs to know

He has called me as His own

I am unapologetically blessed

No need to know

what happens next

Trusting in His leading

And obeying His Call

Laughing at the future

Knowing Jesus did it all

Faith without borders

You are my rescue story

God uses your tears

to water your dreams

As impossible as it may seem

Believe as you triumph victoriously

Even if you have Faith as small

as a mustard seed

Faith, Love and Hope is All you need

You were created for much more can’t you see?

Lay down your life daily

So that you can be found acceptable in Me

All battles are won

because of Calvary

And every need is met

in His perfect timing

Keeping no account

of cancelled debt

The slate has been wiped clean

We have been redeemed!


No, My child it’s divine redirection

You will always be the object

of the Father’s affection

Like a child standing

on Daddy’s feet

In the dance of Love

Where He takes the lead

Lovingly guiding

As He dances to His own beat

Holding you close

never letting you go

Relentless pursuit

Forever in His Grip

I’m still in His hands

And a part of the Master’s Plan

Dance on disappointment

And watch how

your future unfolds in Me

You were purchased in full

And fully redeemed

The thought of His Love

A blissful retreat

Forgiveness abounding

At the Mercy seat

My Paradigm Shift

My place of Peace

God You are my everything

No greater Love can ever be found

Except in the Father’s loving arms

And where Grace still abounds

~ Melissa Sedick

My Paradigm Shift