A Place Of Reward

The pain in her eyes

visible for all to see

Deep sorrow and anguish

written over her face

So many daughters like her 

cross your path everyday 

Their pain drawing you

like a magnet

Reminding you

you have been where

they are now

not too long ago

When your world fell apart 

Your heart torn to thousands 

of pieces

Countless questions

on your lips

With only the sound

of your heartache

A constant reminder

that life as you knew it

was over

A new season awaited

Beyond what was

sent to cripple you

Your emotions all over 

the place

You couldn’t give in to fear

Nowhere to turn to

you find refuge

in the shadows of Love

Walking through this painful season of healing and restoration

You always had this safe place

to land

With your eyes glued to 

Papa’s eyes

Your ear close to His heart

You walked your own

Damascus road

Obedient, yet scared

and trembling 

at times

Looking over your shoulder

your past pleading with you 

to turn around

Papa would not let you

return to the chains

Holding you hostage

He called you

to the deep waters

Where your fear

collided with faith

He knew your strength 

before you did

He knew your abilities, gifts,

and talents

Were hidden under

the ashes of your heart

That you would discover it

When you know

how deeply you are loved

Your failures

Your mistakes

Your issues

Did not scare Him

He prepared and trained you

in the presence of 

your enemies

Daily you were stripped 

and transformed

Daily the scalpel went deep

And daughters laid down 

their crowns

Picking up their crosses

As a new breed of daughters 

were birthed

Consumed by their love for

the Father

They trade every dream

For a future with Love

Joy and peace now your portion

In the areas that once

ruled over you

You were trained to rule 

and to reign

Daughters are stepping 

out fearlessly 

The sound in their mouths

An uncommon,

weighty sound

That cost them everything

Daughters still bleeding

will be transformed

by the power and anointing

that rest on this 

weighty sound.

Chains will shatter

Captives will walk free

When daughters open their 

mouths to testify about 

My greatness and faithfulness 

in their lives

Personal sacrifices and 

private obedience

brought these daughters

to a place of reward.

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Place Of Reward

The Journey