His Work Of Art

Everyone wants to be powerful, valuable, and loved.  We will sell our souls at the hint of such treasure.  If only we knew the source of this vision.  If only there was a treasure map.  

Thank God that there is.  

The map is none other than Jesus, “the way, the truth, and the life!”  

As we learn how to draw near to him, the way opens before us.  We discover love heretofore unknown. We realize just how precious God’s children are to him.  We are empowered to do things previously undreamt of.

The challenge before us is to evade all the impostors, the mirages, and the charlatans—those people and things that promise what only God can deliver.  

It is a lifelong adventure replete with villains, quicksands, fairy Godmothers, shining knights, and tests of skill and character.  

No one reaches the pearly gates without a lengthy testimony of disasters averted,  mercies and graces proffered, and chivalrous assistance from the Prince of Peace.

In this kingdom, there are no such things as “self made men.” Everyone is a product of The Father’s benevolent, beneficent, and magnanimous Spirit.  

We are all his works of art.  

We all are reflections of his glory.

Ultimately, we are the temples of his Holy Spirit—his chosen dwelling place.  He is Spirit and he chooses us, also spirit beings, as his home.

As we yield our earthly vessels to his good will, we experience increasing intimacy with his person, his power, and his providence.  

He becomes our “all in all,” and we become “the apple of his eye.”

One day, our visions and dreams will become our reality, and we will live in the perfection and ecstasy of face to face communion with Our Savior.  

All the glimpses of glory we get here on earth will be replaced with gazes at his holiness and goodness in heaven.  

The pains and trials of life will be eclipsed by life itself, life as it once was in the garden, life spent daily walking and talking with Our King!

~ Brad Heilhecker

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