A Remnant Will Arise

So many daughters

going through challenges 

Running in circles

for remedies that are in vain

Trying to fill the voids 

with many things

Giving everything and 

everyone a chance 

To erase the pain

they try to hide

We don’t want to go through

the processes of healing

The high price of surrender 

is too much to ask

We live in a world 

of quick fixes

No one has time

to visit the wilderness

We have places to go

People to meet

We cannot afford interruptions

A journey of healing

requires commitment

and obedience

It requires dying daily

in different areas 

It require coming aside 

to face our issues

To face every demon

that keep us in chains

For many daughters

it’s too much to ask

We prefer to drift through life 

Repeating cycles passed down

from generation to generation

Walking around

the same mountains

going nowhere

While Papa has called us 

for so much more

than the mediocre lives

we live!

A remnant is arising 

A set apart holy people

That have been through

the fire, the storms, the valleys

They paid the ultimate price

of reckless obedience

Not bound by their circumstances anymore

They have overcome

They have conquered

What kept them in chains

A remnant trained

under the watchful eyes

of Father Himself

Who were fed up

with the conditions of their lives

Challenging the status quo

Scared, uncertain,

yet they went

where others fear to tread

Pressed pass their fears 

into the unknown

Focused, determined

they won every battle

New identities were birthed

Once scared, insecure, shy daughters and sons

Are stepping out boldly and unashamed into every plan and purpose reserved for them

A new breed so in love

with the Father

Anointed, empowered

for such a time as this!

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Remnant Will Arise

The Journey