Ours, Christ’s, God’s

It is written: “Everything is ours; we are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s.”  

What more can we ask for?

Everything belongs to us – this earth, the new earth, heaven, riches, wealth, health, happiness, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, power, and peace.  What an inheritance!  What a promise!

And “we are Christ’s.”  What security!  What belonging!  What significance!  We are no longer orphans, strangers to the kingdom, or children of wrath.  We are now “in the family!”

And “Christ is God’s.”  Christ is not an usurper, or a pretender to the throne.  He is The One, the heir, the appointed King!  So when he makes a promise or speaks to us a word of knowledge, we can know that it has the backing of his Heavenly Father.

To fathom this mystery may take some time.  So let us remember that we have all eternity to enjoy our inheritance, and only a few short years to acquire our inheritance.

There are things that we can do here that we will not be able to do in the new heaven and earth.  We can stay faithful in trials; we can help the weak; we can pray for the sick, and we can be witnesses for Christ to a lost and dying world!

~ Brad Heilhecker

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