Happily Ever After

Is life about Christ, or is Christ life itself? It seems we can be consumed with making our lives about Christ, and still miss Christ himself.

He refuses to become one of our science projects or artistic masterpieces. He demands to be our life. That is – if we belong to him and claim to live in him.

So, how do we find Christ himself? Where does he hide? What does he do with himself? Where do we go to walk and talk with him?

Maybe, when we forget about ourselves and really seek God for God’s sake we are on the path. Maybe, when we help someone just because they need help, we are learning his ways. And, maybe, when our hearts seek his company in the quiet hours, we will discover him waiting patiently in the wings ready to share his heart with us.

When we discover that we are his life, it becomes a little easier to make him our life. When we get to the end of our rope and find him there, we start to trust in him. When we are weak and sick, and he gently comforts us, we feel his love. When we are strong and triumphant and he joyfully shares our victory dance, we become friends.

Like the marriage vows, we find him “in sickness and in health, and in the good times and bad.” The beauty of it is that, unlike wedding vows, there is no “till death do we part.”

This short life is just the preamble to an epic love story where we truly “live happily ever after.”

~ Brad Heilhecker

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