Recognizing Rubbish

Do you talk to yourself?  I do.  All. The. Time.  I even answer myself at times as well. 

I’m naturally a verbal processor who happens to also be an only child, so talking aloud to myself about anything and everything is something that I’ve grown up doing.  It’s taken my husband and me 12 years of marriage to work out that sometimes, I just need to TALK without him feeling like he has to fix a problem.  Sometimes I don’t even have a “problem” to talk about, I just need to process things aloud.

Can anyone else relate?

The good thing about getting to verbal process with my husband is that he is a passionate lover of TRUTH and if he happens to hear me processing something that doesn’t quite sound like the Holy Spirit’s voice, he will graciously call me out on it so that I don’t go down a bad road in my thinking. 

Verbally processing with him has saved me many times from negative agreements with lies and wrong thinking, thus wrong behaving.

But what happens when my husband is away for a few weeks, and I’m all alone with my thoughts and my verbal musings and self-talk?  Oh the lessons I’ve learned in this.

The past few weeks that my husband has been on a mission trip have been one of those defining “where the rubber meets the road” sort of times for me.  I’ve had a weird lung infection since the end of November, and I’ve been more physically unwell than I’ve ever been in my life. 

The enemy knows that when I’m sick and lacking rest I’m more vulnerable, and he certainly took a few cheap shots from the moment I stepped into …

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