Five Precious Metals

In this world, we will will need precious metals in our bodies.  

We will need backbones of iron, nerves of steel, foreheads of bronze, hearts of gold, and tongues of silver.

Iron in our backbones – courage to face the vicissitudes of life.

Nerves of steel – patience and long-suffering to wait for the perfect timing for every endeavor.

Foreheads of bronze – tenacity to contend with well entrenched and intransigent adversaries.

Hearts of gold – love for all growing out of a heart for God.

Tongues of silver – commitment to speak only life into the hearts of our hearers.

Iron, steel, bronze, gold, and silver—all precious metals in Our Father’s eyes.  

For we need courage, patience, tenacity, love, and pure speech to overcome in this life. It is a multi-dimensional war that we fight and a multi-faceted gospel that we preach. We serve an infinite, all powerful, and ever loving God. He abundantly provides us with all of the materials that we need in our efforts to work with him in constructing eternal dwellings.

However, conversely, the Bible talks about building with wood, hay, and straw. These things represent temporal and self centered endeavors, and they will perish in the refining fire. Let us be sure that we are building on the foundation of faith in Christ and obedience to his commands.  

If we will, we can be sure that we will be supplied all of the precious metals that we will need in our work.  And, in addition, there will be precious stones in our crowns of gold that we will be awarded on judgement day!

~ Brad Heilhecker

Five Precious Metals