Encountered Love

I don’t live there anymore

My past no longer 

my dwelling place 

The shadows no longer 

my hiding place

I encountered Love 

I encountered Light

I tasted a glimpse of my 

eternal life

I could never go back to 

my past

I know pain

I know betrayal

I know rejection

You name it,

every dark word 

I once lived

For too long I dwelled among 

the tombs of religion

Where dead men dwell

The signs of stagnation 

were obvious

Clinging to my fears

Hiding behind tears

I held on to regret and 


Held on to bitterness

My heart enslaved 

Everyone could see my 

past on my face

Till that day the veil was removed

How amazing to dwell in 

the presence of the Father

To hear His voice every 

second of the day

Guiding, leading and 

teaching me

Oh’ I love how gently His 

love erased my past


Every challenge Papa 

turned into training 

Preparing me for my calling

The difficult processes 

unknowingly taught me 

to rule and to reign

Trained by Holy Spirit my 

best Friend and Helper 

Nothing came close to hiding 

in the shadow of my Father

I thought I would die in bondage

That my heart was beyond repair 

But Papa resurrected

my heart 

and my life

I could never go back to

my past

Now that I have encountered

the Love of my life!

My life an open book

Of an imperfect person

Who serves a perfect God

He paid a high price

To show me my worth 

I cannot be contained

Or boxed

Or Made still

I have to testify about my 

love for my Father!!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Encountered Love

The Journey