Daily Warrior

I wear my war face daily,

this heart’s on fire,

carving love and

peace into each stone

I cross,

the ones feeling misfit

although we’re all

exactly where we need

to be…

learning and

gaining strength

for the next mission

we recieve;

I am brave

although inside,

these wounds scream

to turn back,

I will not

as I’m a warrior

and warriors don’t leave

battles for someone else

to fight alone,

they run towards fear

and seek to destroy it,

so the wounded can see

they carry purpose

as does the one who

came to fight by their side;

warriors aren’t born,

they’re made

through the pain,


and fears

they must have to conquer

with the One who knows

they’re going to win

with His truth and strength.

~Bethany Anne

Daily Warrior