One Word From The Throne Room

I see them everyday

Your beautiful daughters 

Painful pasts written over their faces

Yet, I prefer to look the 

other way

Blinded by my own 

life and challenges

I don’t take the time to 

see what You see

Hear what You hear

I don’t reach out with Your 

heart beating through me

I go on with life

Forget that I am Your mouthpiece walking the earth

I saw her at sport events

Made my mind up that 

we would not be friends

Sometimes when we’re healed 

we are drawn to the strong

Forgetting that we also needed healing and love to become strong

The hurt in her eyes 

haunted me

Holy Spirit spoke to me

He is persistent when 

we are not

I thought I’ll never get a 

chance to convey His heart 

and His love to her 

Till a cold Saturday morning

Papa set me up and I had 

no excuse

I spoke His heart to her

As the words left my mouth

Her eyes filled with tears 

and so were mine

I could feel her pain, but also

Papa’s presence that invaded her heart

Setting alight a precious daughters heart

Bringing hope in an instant

Oh how relentless the love 

of our Father

I asked for forgiveness

For not portraying Papa’s heart

For being so consumed and distracted by my own journey…

Another lesson learned on 

the journey

We train, we grow, go higher

We should never think we 

have arrived

We are here to bring hope to the wounded and hurting

Grace separates us

Papa’s love connects us

Purpose always has to triumph over challenges we face

Not our emotions, our fears, our circumstances

We are called to be Papa’s representatives

Sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice

Papa needs His army to be ready 

at all times

There is so much brokenness around us

People in need of healing 

and hope

One word from the throne room

can change a life forever

I know…

I am a living testimony of that.

~ Ebigale Wilson

One Word From The Throne Room

The Journey