Don’t Quit Warrior

I see the warrior you’re becoming. Keep leaning on the One who is holding your fragile yet fierce body. You were made in His image, so stop trying to be someone you’re not…be the best version of yourself you can live as. I know you’ve been told your whole life that you’re not worthy and you’re a burden, but the truth is you are a fierce warrior riding in on eagle’s wings that was created from nothing by the One who had your gifts and talents in mind when He birthed you into existence. His perfect timing brought your past experiences and pain here, in this very present moment, for a reason for a purpose you may not be able to understand right now. Just know He never makes mistakes, so if you’re exhausted from the battle you were just wounded from, know and believe He’s working it all out for your good. He will heal your land. You are fierce, brave warrior. Don’t quit. Continue fighting on account for every single beating heart, crying soul in need of His promises unfolding in your very being cause He is with you always, in peace and in chaos…this promise you can rely on.

~ Bethany Anne