Joy In The Journey

My house needs a little paint

And so does my face

My garage door has a hole

Which the neighborhood

cats adore

Free lodging is available 

whenever they need a place to stay

My microwave throws tantrums

And my washing machine needs prayer

My one couch is legless

And my kettle is headless

My bathroom needs

a few floor tiles

And the list of what I need 

goes on….

We have learned to laugh on 

this painful journey 

Our house with its “issues”

Is a safe place to many

Here we share Papa’s heart 

and love to others

We share our painful journeys

The processes we had to go through

Today we know

there was purpose in our pain

Papa is with us in the midst of 

our failures and messes

He carried us through

many dark nights 

He heals our hearts and He trains 

us daily to reflect His heart

He uses us to bring healing and deliverance to the broken hearted

We dwell in a space occupied 

by Love

Where fear is absent

Religion and perfectionism 

is out by the door

The enemy could not stop us

Our God is in control of our future

He is raising us up

to be fearless warriors

To step out, and fulfill His plans 

and purposes in the earth.

We won’t let our fear, shortcomings or our bank balances stop us

We have decided to look through

Papa’s lenses

And we will walk into every dream Papa has for us!

Papa wanted me to share a glimpse of my life. My journey has been hard and painful with a third party in my marriage, witchcraft, betrayal, and the list goes on. Myself and my two children are treated like outcast by my husbands family and friends, and Papa expects of me to keep quiet and to not defend myself.

We all have different journeys and I would not trade mine for all the money in the world. What I have learned and gleaned from my wilderness season is priceless. Papa healed my shattered heart and I have discovered my purpose in my biggest mistakes and pain. The shy, wounded girl, Papa replaced with a fearless, warrior daughter. 

Papa would say to you, like He said to me in a dream about a week ago “You don’t have to defend yourself, be still, Your God is fighting for you.”

Hold on to Papa, He is fighting for you, be still, rest in Him, He is busy behind the scenes where we cannot see. You have done all you can, the battle is God’s.

2 Chronicles 20:15 – This is what the Lord says to you: Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Joy In The Journey