Friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, and our church family are invaluable assets in this lonely world.  We need each other.  We are the blessing of which the imprisoned are deprived.  We are the true riches of this life.  Money and things can bring ease of living, but only people can add meaning to life.  We are Our Father’s inheritance; we are why he created the universe, and we are those for whom he created heaven.  To be sure: heaven is his home, but also just as sure: it is now our home.

We find ourselves in our community involvement.  Just as we need solitude to know our private self, we also need our community to develop our public self.  Church, work, school, and play are all just different avenues of developing our public self.  Our private life is a valid and indispensable part of who we are, but, in a sense, it only prepares us for the larger world of community.  Imagine who God would be if he had kept heaven all to himself and he had never borne Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the angels, or any of us.  Yes, he would still be God, but he would not be The Father.  He would be all alone in heaven, and we would not exist.

So, let us make room in our hearts and our lives for others.  Let us pray for one another, play with one another, and work with one another.  Let us serve one another, be kind to one another, and love one another.  If we will, we will have Almighty God in our corner; we will hold all of heaven’s attention, and we will always be welcome in the homes and hearts of our chosen community.  Despite all of its demands and trials, this life in community can be rich in rewards, both temporal and eternal.  People can be sources of great joy and pleasure for all of those who will hold them in the same regard as does their creator.

~ Brad Heilhecker