Be Yourself, Live For Christ

Conventional wisdom tells us: “Be yourself.”  Jesus tells us, “Lose your life for my sake and you will find it.”  So which is it?  Be yourself, or live for Christ?  It may be true that we only truly find ourselves while pursuing Christ.  If we were created by his will and for his pleasure (Rev. 4:11), it may be the ultimate “wild goose chase” to seek our identity anywhere else but in Christ.

In fact, it might be said that most of the world’s sorrows can be traced back to people’s attempts to find life outside of Christ.  “Finding oneself” often involves neglecting our obligations to others and to God.  Although it is expected of youth, it is often a fatal flaw in those of mature age.  To be sure, it is good to discover our driving passions, our motivations, and our joys, but let us be ever mindful that we are part of our God given families and that community involvement and service and sacrifice for others is part of our heritage and legacy.

In heaven and in the new earth, life is centered around Christ, but each and every soul is fully unique, inspired, and needed in Christ’s world.  Unlike human monarchies, where the king’s subjects are sometimes thwarted and restrained in their attempts at self actualization, in Christ’s reign there will be glorious liberty and honor bestowed upon all.  Christ is actually glorified only when we are living full and fruitful lives.  Just as parents are reflected in their happy children and husbands are reflected in their beloved wives, Christ is best seen in those who have found their lives in him.

~ Brad Heilhecker