He Will Do It For You

You found her in the background

Alone, away from light

She chose to dwell

She felt at home here

Amongst her kind of people 

She could blend in, disappear 

in the background

Growth was not expected 

of her here

She could be mediocre

Like the rest of the crowd

With her mask on her face

She could hold on to her past 

and never discover the joy of 

a heart set free

She could play her part and 

never discover how brave

she really is

She could be one with her 

pain and fears, clinging to 

dead things

And never discover

her strength within

Curiosity got a hold of her

She wondered what lay 

behind the depths of her 

constant fears

Is there really a peace that surpasses all understanding?

A place where faith comes alive 

in our lives?

And hope the heartbeat of a life hidden in Christ?


She decided to break away 

from everything familiar

Was there a reason the enemy

did everything in his power to 

keep her here? 

She was surely created to push 

past the boundaries, the norm

The stop signs erected by 

her own fears

She embarked on a journey

That would forever change her life

Scared at first but Faith took over the further she walked

Voices called her to turn around

Begging her to be her old self

For how could she

the talk of the town

Discover her purpose, her identity

The Love of her life


Daily she embraces Papa’s 

plans for her

He created her to visit unknown territories

To swim in the open seas

Together they eliminate every enemy that once caged her

Her healing was just a heartbeat away

It was not hidden in flawed 

human beings

Papa’s love held the key to 

her heart

Her past a vague memory

She is so in love with her King

The One who pursued her

When she was a mess

He never gave up on her

He held on to her when every demon in hell came for her

Today she understands the 

purpose of her pain

The enemy meant to harm her

but Papa turned it around for 

her good

Papa did it for her…

He will do it for you!

~ Ebigale Wilson

He Will Do It For You

The Journey