Love Is Profound

Last year in November the Lord spoke to me about a new movement being birthed that will not look like anything we have seen before in humanity. In this movement, he is calling many out of tradition, out of the box and into the new, a place where He will show them. This new movement was not opposed by the unbelievers, it was opposed by the Church. Unity and oneness, the mystery of neither Jew nor gentile, Love, were the themes of this movement.

The Lord spoke and said that “many will say that ‘God is not in that’ but I AM omnipotent, I AM in all things, even in the darkness. In this new season I AM about to reveal myself even in the darkness, for light is found in the darkness.” (Gen 1)

What we think is darkness is the place of mystery, the unknown, the transformative matter that responds to light. It responds to truth. Watch what you call darkness… watch WHO you call darkness, for He is about to reveal himself even in the hidden things.

God sees Kings even in the earth. Those who are of His heart (true believers) and nonbelievers who have honored their own natural gifts—given from the Father—and thus engage the law where their gifts have seated them in a place of royalty… their gifts make their name known among kings… they become a king thru the trading into their God-given gift, even when they don’t know God. Watch who you call KING… because many in the Kingdom talk the talk and love in Law only.. and many in the Earth who fear no God Love and serve with a purer heart than those that claim to fear God. Only HE sees the heart of a king, so watch who you call darkness. Even a Pharisee, one found commonly in the church with the presence of a king, was called a pit viper. It was those who did not know God, rough around the edges and with the appearance of garbage whom Jesus sat with and honored.

God’s love for humanity is so great that he often veils his face to interact, to birth Joy, to engage with those who would otherwise reject Him. Ears to hear and eyes to see… wisdom is found in the ones who can rightly discern the light in the dark, to love the Godliness even in the godless, who can be the heart of the Father as a vessel to those who would otherwise reject Him based on stereotypes. Truly, John 3:16—for He loves the world that he will even hide his own identity within us so that none should die without knowing that Love… to see it in the land of the living.

Love knows no discrimination. Be trained in the ways of wisdom and discernment. Know where Father is leading you and to who he is leading you. Lay down your expectations. Lay down your own judgments. A wise man is a humble man.


~ Jenna Newton