Look All Around You

In this hour

I am raising up

extraordinary men

and women

who went through 

hard and long processes

Trial after trial

With no light in sight

Yet this special breed

did not give up under pressure

They perservered, limping, crawling, out of breath 

My supernatural strength 

Was imparted into them

Faith without limits

was birthed in

once stagnant people

Looking at them

My stamp of approval is visible

on their lives

They live from a fountain 

deep within

That’s gushing and overflowing

to everyone they come

into contact with

They carry yoke breaking anointings

My power is evident

in their lives

Don’t look at the personal battles many of these glory carriers

are facing

Look them straight in the eyes

And you will see

they have died long ago

Persecution, betrayal, rejection, pain has no hold on them

They journey through this life

As dead men walking

Fulfilling My plans and purposes

In the earth

I can use them because

I can trust them

They made a choice

to stay committed unto Me

No matter the cost and 

price they had to pay

Look all around you

My sons and daughters 

are arising

They know no fear

They only know the power 

and strength found in Me

Secret place encounters

made them bold as lions

They are arising with fire 

in their eyes

My mandate in their mouths

The enemy is fearing, because 

he knows no scheme and plot

No amount of pressure

No amount of witchcraft

Could stop what creation

is waiting for

My true sons and daughters

Ready to report for duty

at the sound of My voice.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Look All Around You

The Journey