He Was There All Along

There was a time

not too long ago

When pain was her habitation

And the weight of her challenges

pushed her to the ground

Like so many woman

finding their way

through hardship 

and disappointment 

She came to the end 

of herself

Disillusion followed her

like a cloud

Pain her dwelling place

Anxiety clinging to her

Worry, holding her hostage

Voices numbed her

Taking her to dark places

Too weak to defend herself

She did not know her worth

She watched

while she was stripped

Gave in without a fight

Wrapped in the pain of her past

She looks through blurred lenses

So used to her infirmity 

It became her truth

While freedom

was one step away

Oh, till that glorious day

When her spiritual eyes

were opened to the One

who held the key

to her healing

He was there all along

Waiting for her to notice Him

If only she knew the depth

and height of His love for her

Why didn’t anybody tell her 

how deeply she was loved?

She thought she knew Papa

Until religion lost its hold on her

When she was at her lowest

He was there

and her life was never the same

He took her to deep places 

in Him she never knew existed

Deep within she knew

there had to be more

than the mediocre 

life she lived

All she needed to know was 

how deeply she was loved

Papa’s love held the key

to set her heart free

Darkness had to flee

as His love invaded

every crooked 

place in her heart

Every chain

holding her hostage

fell to the ground

Only because of a revelation 

of Papa’s love for her.

~ Ebigale Wilson

He Was There All Along

The Journey

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