To Love Is Christ


brought her 

to the King

She had no where

to turn

only to Him

Like the woman

with the issue of blood

She found her way

through confusion

and desperation

Would she allow pain

to pave the way?

Voices trying to cage her

To conform her

to their way 

of doing things.

If they only knew

what it cost her…

To step out

in the midst 

of her pain

To take off her mask




She made up her mind

to go behind the veil

Where desperate women dwell

Overtaken by the need

to encounter Love

His presence became

her dwelling place

Exploring all the facets

of His heart

He did a sacred work in her

As her past faded

in the background

Limitless faith

arose in her

Stripped in the open

of her pride,

self worth,


Yet, this time

she did not care

She was now part

of a company of women

Earmarked to change

the course of history 

Her issues

once visible 

for all to see

Turned into trophies

of many personal battles


She knows what it is

to run on waves

Trust without borders

arising in her 

Father loves using the weak

The no name brands.

They won’t be able to tell 

you the price of gucci shoes 

They’re not interested

in the latest fashions

They are known

by their yoke breaking testimonies

And their love for the Father 

And His love for them

They will be able to tell you 

how His presence invaded 

their whole existence 

How His heartbeat

was birthed in them

How once,

shy and scared daughters 

Were trained by their Father

To take back daily

what the enemy has stolen 

These women have distinct mark’s

that separate them 

from the ones without oil.

To them,

to live is Christ

To die is gain.

~ Ebigale Wilson

To Love Is Christ

The Journey

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