Reckless Faith

Many were asked to walk uncommon journeys

Journeys Papa set out for 

us before the foundations 

of the earth

If we held the map of these

journeys beforehand 

We surely would have never 

started it

It lead us through many painful times

Few chose to walk the 

road less travelled

To die to their dreams, aspirations and way of doing things

The handful laid down lovers

Know that no sacrifice is too 

big to bring as an offering to their King

I wonder how Noah felt 

when Papa asked him to 

build the ark?

In a place far from an ocean

A place who didn’t receive 

rain for years

I can imagine the murmuring 

of those close to him

The mockery

The gossip

The “are you all there” looks

Noah the joke of the town

walked with God

Though he looked like a fool

Without hesitation, he set 

God’s dream into motion

I wonder when this life 

altering faith was birthed 

in him?

I wonder how many times the whispers of the enemy made 

him wonder

Is this really from God?

I bet there were days when 

his faith looked grim!

In the face of adversity he 

held on

Working tirelessly to please 

his Father

As the ark became alive 

before his eyes

He gave birth to his Father’s dream!

Many of us are walking 

uncommon journeys

Papa asked us to surrender 

our whole beings to Him

Everything that was 

important to us we had 

to lay down

Many don’t understand our journeys

They don’t have to

We are here only to please 

our King!

We are ridiculed

We are the laughing stock

We are labelled as being too “religious” 

We don’t care about the 

name calling

And we surely are not 


Religion kept us in bondage 

for years

Like Noah we walk with God

We know our Fathers voice

No other voice we will follow 

Our journeys emptied us of things we thought were important

We are thankful for every 

dark time

We will walk this road in a 

heart beat again!

No one can copy our journeys!

No one can copy our testimonies!

No one can copy our victories!

No one can copy the anointing on our lives!

We laid it all down

Our flesh!

Our dreams!

Our reputation!

Reckless faith is birthed 

in ordinary men and woman

Uncommon journeys are 

given to uncommon people.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Reckless Faith

The Journey

3 thoughts on “Reckless Faith

  1. I Really enjoyed this post. I hope you don’t mind, I suggested it on a post of mine Called Safe is For Wimps. I just started our so I don’t have many followers lol! but when I do, this post is a great addition to what mine said.

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