We Will Rise

the year of change is here

it is now

and it is for us;

may this be the year

our beauty rises

from the ashes,

unfolds us

one petal at a time,

so the roots defining us

can help us write out

upon our lives

who we are meant to be;

we are more than our past

cause we’re not weak

as those who say we are,

we’re not trapped in pain

as our minds try to convince

us that we are,

we’re not backing down…

no, we are rising

and in doing so,

we’re cutting off anything

that’s hindering us

from our freedom

to be at peace

and we’ll uproot

anything toxic from our lives

cause nothing will stand

in our way…

we’re unstoppable

and we will crush darkness

without a thought of it

devouring our light

in our soul;

to wounds engraved

upon our hearts

causing us to bleed internally,

you will not last forever

as we will soon be healed

from the pain that puts you there;

we are ready for the battles

it’ll take us to fight and

win our war against our past

cause we won’t be taken down,

we will take it down and

bleed our wounds

healed forever,

so watch us do that very thing;

we won’t stay in the darkness,

we will rise to tune

to His freedom.

~Bethany Anne

We Will Rise

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