Another Option

faded glimpses of beauty

skating by a crowd of people

waiting to see the sunset,

but what they don’t know is

she is the sunset


came and went,

but no one notices

cause their focus isn’t up,

it is down;

down on their bad luck,

their inner battles,

bleeding scabs

cause they get impatient

and try to speed up the process

only to draw the pain

out longer;

people go on feelings

all the time

it’s so common,

it’s a cold we all get

cause we’re not taking

care of ourselves,

we’re sniffing a drug

that fades us for a moment,

it breaks apart our red sea

for just a minute,

then once we come back

to the place of pain,

we start over the same mistake;

we don’t learn by being passive,

we learn by making choices

to be better than we were

in our yesterday;

we must make a conscious effort

to please the Father

than to please man

and ourselves

cause when we choose

to take the easy route,

it might just take longer

for Him to lift that tired soul

you got drifting on the wind;

why you baptising yourself

in fire rather than water?

you play with fire,

you’re going to get burned

it’s no game when it comes

to the truth,

tattoo it on your heart,

so it’s permanent,

not on your wrist

cause it’ll get marked up

and distorted by scars

from wars you haven’t yet fought;

stop leaning into man

lean into God to lift you up

from the dirt

from which you were birthed,

let this verse breathe life

into the story

He’s writing for you;

stop talking the talk,

walk it

cause the world is in a daze,

they’re waking and sleeping,

not grasping the life inside

these words He’ll speak

into the ears of your mind

if you allow yourself

to hear the truth;

don’t refuse what you need

cause we all need Him

whether or not we want

to admit it,

it’s the truth;

speak the truth,

but in love

as Jesus spoke it to us

through His blood

pouring out of His side for us,

a crown of thorns for us,

a creek of red on His back,

He parted our waters,

so we can make our way

to Him;

we should be thanking Him

with the way we live our lives,

loving those around us,

by being the hands

and feet of Jesus;

do not be ashamed

of the One who gave you

another option besides death;

be bold and fearless

cause He is coming.

~ Bethany Anne

Sing Over Me

When You sing over me,

My whole being is still

I am at peace

Miles and miles of pain dissolve

As I lean into You,

I know I’m safe in Your arms

Your loving arms wrap me up,

Silencing the storm

As You speak truth to lies believed

You bleed these wounds healed

In the name of Jesus

I am not afraid

Cause I know You keep promises,

You never change…

God, You are perfect in every way

As I tune to Your freedom,

Chains are broken,

Mind renewed

Cause it’s in You

I find my strength,

You always come through for me

~ Bethany Anne

Connect Deeper

Do you ever feel like you have that someone in your life … a parent … a sibling… a partner … a friend; that you seem to always be feeing like you are hustling for their approvals or acceptance or accolades or affections?

When we are craving deeper heart Connections and all we are getting is superficial surface fluff…it gets hard to not want to either hustle for affection or retreat with resentments.

Recently I watched two tables while out at a dinner meeting and it made me want to cry. One person was stuck with their face in the phone and the other one looked lost and deeply sad.

I too have been in others presence and watched as they engaged with others on their mobile while I sat silent feeling dished and excluded.

I too have been guilty and put my phone above my family and friends at times.

I try to practice time off my phone now. It’s a choice. I turn my phone off at a certain time and people know if I don’t respond I am on off time. They also know if they have a true emergency I can be reached by a special land line.

Trust me – there is not a call or text so important that it can’t wait till the morning.

I really struggled with this because I get calls, messages and texts from people I know and strangers contacting me for Ministry and Prayer needs. I have learned not to answer everything like a 911 call.

I will send an auto reply or explain I am not available at the current moment and will get back to them soon. Sometimes God does have me drop everything immediately for them.

We must learn to hear God and let Him direct and guide us and not let the ding of our devices control us.

We should not have to hustle for the attention or affections of others.

If you are with people that are tied to the telephone – may you have the boldness to ask them – Can we connect without distractions today? And I pray they hear you. But if they don’t want to do that, I pray God brings you the people that think you are pretty dang special and worthy to put their phones away for.

Don’t make people hustle for your attention. Put that phone away and start to connect deeper.

~ XXOO Michelle

A Healthy Way To Go

God’s truth, His words are intended to help us, not harm us.

Let go of what your mind tells you that you have to hold onto cause it’s ALL in His hands anyway…every bit of your life.

He’s in control of it all.

Us being in constant worry isn’t going to help in ANY way.

Allowing our Heavenly Father to take any thoughts that aren’t of Him and His truth from our minds, is a very healthy way to go.

I’ve personally been working on this myself and yes…it takes time, but the process is well worth it.

You are not alone, He is always with you no matter how you feel or what you think.

He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

He never changes.

I am so thankful for that❤

His love is here, it is for you, and for now.

His perfect love casts out fear.

His peace is greater than your amount of worry/fear.

He is greater than any darkness trying to invade your spirit.

Replace worry with peace…

His overwhelming peace that won’t leave room for constant overthinking. You are His👑😍

~ Bethany Anne

No Longer Empty Handed

Like the widow with the

two coins

She had nothing of worth

to offer anyone

Stripped to the depths of

her being

The card house she so firmly

controlled tumbled in

She lost all control

Nothing to hold onto

Only her shame and her pain

She retreated to the background

Scared that anyone would notice

the scars on her heart

There’s no one who

can free her from this

unbearable pain

He found her


Too scared to step out and

face her reality

The journey she travelled

left too many scars

She’s just a shadow of the person

Papa has called

her to be

Her face mirrored her journey

of betrayal and despair

Till that day He found her

Empty handed

Only her pain

Only her fears

A broken life, shattered

in hundreds of pieces

Desperation brought her

to the King

Broken and bruised

He spoke life over her

Till her lifeless heart

started to beat again

He took her on adventures

Restoring her heart

was a painful process

The severe shaking and burning

Left her breathless at times

She surrendered to the

process of purification

and dying daily

Every high place that stood

between her and her Father

had to come down

He unpacked her heart

Got rid of everything that

kept her in bondage

Under all the ashes

she discovered her worth

The bride of Christ are the one’s

who have prepared themselves

No matter the cost, or the price

they had to pay

No longer empty handed

She paid a high price

by laying down her life

Many soon to be brides

will now step out

They will go on this journey

of love with their King.

~ Ebigale Wilson

No Longer Empty Handed

The Journey

Inner Beast

i try to sleep

but i can’t

cause when i close my eyes

i see you on my mind

beating past pain into the present;

i’m exhausted

but the beast is alive

growling so loud

i can’t focus on sleep;

the beast is crushing all my dreams

beneath his feet

as i am barely breathing

to survive yet another night of

these terribly terrifying nightmares

i can’t shake

cause when i step out of the water,

i’m still drowning;

water above my head,

and although i can swim,

it doesn’t matter

cause the fear paralyzes

me fully

and i’m stuck

as the beast closes in

to devour my entire vulnerability;

this isn’t just a nighttime deal,

this is me daily.

~Bethany Anne

Every Story

There are four sides to every story

a box of matches

each match a word

flickering off the pages;

ashes floating in the air,

from darkest secrets

inside a spacious mind

encompassing eternal pain;

this anguish bursting forth

is a sun bleeding through skin

once too thick to puncture,

now a wildfire erupting;

rain cannot cease

flames of destruction

and a mind can’t forget

what can’t be tamed

~ Bethany Anne

Dare To Be Different

This Christmas, let your life be a living testimony that God’s plan for you is good. So care for yourself as a witness to the World that He cares for you

This Christmas make it more about Christ’s characteristics (giving, loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, goodness, faithful, gentle, selfless and self-controlled) and less about the World’s traditions and characteristics that leave most people feeling (obligated, rushed, frenzied, materialistic, greedy, bitter, resentful, competitive, indulgent, short-tempered, exhausted, and worn out)

Don’t feel like decking the halls – don’t – keep it simple this year.

Don’t feel like being tied to debt or obligated to exchange gifts – don’t- Make homemade gifts or write out a special card. Or just request that their presence is better than presents this year. It doesn’t have to be the latest greatest gadget to be meaningful.

Don’t want to go to every event or party – don’t go. Stay home and watch Hallmark channel in your PJ’s. Sip cocoa by the fire with a good book.

Don’t want to cook and bake for days – don’t do it – buy them or downscale the menu. Keep it simple!

Whatever is best for you this Christmas – do that.

Your friends and family love you and want you to be the best version you can be. So use your best yes and find your no.

No is a complete sentence and requires no explanation.

Dare to be Different – not just this Christmas but every day too!

~ XXOO Michelle

Tune To His Freedom

i am tuning

to the bird’s freedom,

i will spread my wings

and fly above

depth once my home;

i won’t stop beating

this heart in sync

with His

cause my inner wounds

won’t bleed me to death

cause i have been freed

by His choice to save me,

so i will choose to live in freedom

instead of enslavement;

i will let these words

bleed my wounds healed

as i choose to fight

despite the pain,

to love despite darkness

invading my spirit;

be brave

and never quit tuning

to His freedom,

you will make it!

~Bethany Anne

Tune to His Freedom