Ran Into Love

She was waiting

for someone

to save her

Walked around

with a nagging pain

in her heart

She was never free

to love or

be loved

A life of ups

and downs

Sinking deeper daily

to a place of

no return

She never tasted

the depth of

Papa’s love

Pain and despair

followed her everywhere

She tried to fill

the void in her heart

With whatever

the enemy sent

her way

No one saw

behind her smile

Though her eyes

told a story

of a life

drenched in pain

She gave away her power

to anyone who noticed her

Allowed broken people

to define her

Allowed the enemy

to write her life’s story

While she kept quiet

She disappeared in

the background




She never knew her worth

Surrounded by hurting people

She embraced the identity

they chose for her

She took all these negative labels

She made it hers

Walked with her scars

She played the part

Of a nameless, faceless, worthless daughter

Till she ran into Love


Love ran into her

Alone and rejected

Your love

drew her in

To places she never visited

Places where Your daughters

discover their worth

Where You heal our hearts

and erase our pain

Where we discover the depth

and width of Your love

Forever changed when we

encounter Your heart

We are forever changed

when we know how much

we are loved

Soaking in Your presence

was a life line to her

You healed her heart

Your love dispels all her fears

You showed her the gifts and

talents You graced her with

She blossomed before Your eyes

Into the fearless, set apart bride

You have marked her for

Oh! Papa is head over heels in

love with her!

The girl with the issues

The shy girl

hiding in the background

Is no more!

She is boldly taking her place

as His end time bride

Forever changed

The day she ran into Love


Love ran into her.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Ran Into Love

The Journey


He Lavishes His Love On Us

If You Know About God; You Know About His Love.

‭‭We are children of God. His love is lavished on us. The people who do not know they are a child of God, or about his love, does not know about who he is.

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.”~ 1 John 3:1 NIV

Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas

Never Too Late

A life wasted

Chasing after sin

Pride swallowed me in

To places I never thought

I would visit

I had places to go

Money to make

Success winked at me

I could not ignore the tug

on my heart

Success and worldly riches

more important

Then leaving a legacy of a

changed life

I guess the price was too

high to pay

The dreams Papa had for me

I chucked out by the door

Together with everyone

who spoke life over me

Blinded to my short comings

I prefer to never confront

my fears

Walked with many scars

Hid behind different masks

Like a puppet on a string

I danced to the enemy’s lies

Mesmerised by sin

I made it my habitation

Chased empty dreams

Instead of eliminating my fears

For it was all about me and

my selfish needs

I have places to go

I have money to chase

I couldn’t care less of the

trail of a life wasted

I left behind

Please don’t ask me to pause

for a while

To take a look at the ashes

I leave behind

There’s no time to deal with

the pain of my past

The world is waiting

I don’t care about the hearts

I trample on

There was a time,

not too long ago

Though it seems so distant now

When Papa’s dreams was

still my dreams

His plans and purposes

important to Me

Till the enemy came in and

he painted his pictures

Of what a significant life

looks like

Looking through his eyes

I fell; hook, line and sinker

for his lies

I embraced it,

I made it mine

The pictures of wealth, success and sin, blew my mind

Oh, but he never showed me

the end

The costly price I had to pay

I sold my soul

I believed all his lies

He studied me for years

He knew all my voids

He knew my fears

The pain from the past

I never dealt with

He lured me in and I followed

him blindly

He pressed all the right buttons

The pain I chose to ignore

He used as bait to explore

My dreams turned into ashes

It slipped through my fingers

As I drifted further and further away from His presence

The One who loves me through all my wondering

Is still waiting for me

to die to self

Papa’s love for me,

still as vast as the ocean

He will never let go of me

I was the reason He hung

on a cross

It’s never to late

To return to His heart.

Mark 8:36  For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

~ Ebigale Wilson

Never Too Late

The Journey