The Beauty Of Balance

I’ve been seeking balance for the past 4 months as I’ve taken on more at work. Yesterday I realized that sustaining balance is a myth.

Now that I know that I periodically hit a balance in all that I do, I can take striving for balance off of my plate. I’m no longer praying for balance. Balance happens, in a moment, and for a moment. I’m not holding that weight over my head anymore. Balance is momentary, when I see it I am thankful, and I move on.

Instead of looking at balance and saying I have all of this going on and I need balance-step back and look from the other side.

What do I need that I don’t have? Sometimes it isn’t that you have too much going on or even that you have the wrong things going on… just that you have to reframe your mindset about it. What do I need to take off of my plate so that this thing, that I really want right now, will fit?

1-In order to feel balance you need to look at what you are missing. Ask yourself:

2-Who do I need to spend time with or reach out to?

3-What do I need to accomplish?

4-When are deadlines or important dates?

5-Where does balance happen? Am I confusing that with peace?

6-Why are these items that I have set as priorities? (Evaluate and reset as needed)

7-How will I keep focused to make sure that I get things I NEED done?

If you figure out a couple of the most important things that you NEED each day or week and be sure to include them, it doesn’t matter what else happens or doesn’t happen.

Life is not a balancing act.

It’s a circus and you’re a juggler.

So put a smile on your face, hop on your unicycle and perform.

~ Kim Weingart

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