Love Yourself Well

I haven’t always loved myself well.

I didn’t like myself much due to some past decisions, choices or circumstances so I didn’t always take care of myself as I should either.

It’s not prideful or arrogant to love yourself.

God’s Word In Mark 12:31 says “Love your neighbor as yourself” – because God wants us to love ourselves well too.

We can’t love others well unless we love ourselves well first.

So, in case you too have somehow confused your “who with your do”, and felt less than worthy of love by what you have done;

I am here to let you know that there is not a choice or decision you have made or anything you have done to make God love you any less – so it’s time you start to love yourself well.

~XXOO Michelle

“I will always love you;”

~Jeremiah 31:3

If you keep My commands, you will remain in My love.

~John 15:10

As far as the eastern horizon is from the west, so He removes the guilt of our rebellious actions from us.

~Psalm 103:12

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