Before You were born

I already knew you

Every day fashioned for you

Was written in your book

My eyes behold the journey

set out for you

Still a blank canvas,

but soon it would be covered

By different colours

Some colours beautiful

Some dark and taking you to places

you wish you didn’t have to visit

Every day I am creating a Masterpiece

within the depths of your heart and your beautiful frame

That would impact and change not only yourself but every one you come into contact with

The bright pink and red of your heart

Giving each person a glimpse

of My heart filled with love for them

I use many different colours

to create your work of art

I don’t just choose the pastels and beautiful bright colours to create a work of art

I use the dark browns in your autumn seasons

The different shades of grey

and blacks in winter seasons

Many times in these trying seasons

you beg of me to choose the pastels

and bright colours

To bring just a glimpse of light

In the dark places you find yourself in

But many times in these trying times

I am silent and distant

And you yearn for a stroke of My love

to run through your work of art

To feel the warmth of My presence empowering you to withstand the heat of the fiery furnace you find yourself in

These times you long for Me

to pick up the orange, red and green paints

To show that My hand is still alive in your life

That I am still in control

of every stroke of paint

You don’t understand that every colour palette

is so necessary to create within you

a work of art

I see the end product and I know

that by using these dark colours

I am daily busy to build My heart within you

Though it’s not nice when the strokes

of dark paint touch your heart

Know that these trying times

will give birth to your most fruitful times

I do a deep work within you

Preparing you to have faith without borders

Trust beyond measure

Hope beyond every dark stroke

of paint that I might use

This day I want you to embrace

the dark greys and black

To come out from behind the veil

Face your fears

Visit the tombs of the past

Take off your mask

Reveal the dark parts of your heart

that have never tasted freedom

That is still in shackles

Still bound by a painful past

Our lifes were disrupted by strokes

of dark paint

It was better to hide away

Then to face your fears

Easier to put on your mask

Easier to play the role of a magnificent canvas

Yet behind the veil you cry

Longing for your heart to run free

Know that I hold every colour

in My hand

Waiting for you to let go

To embrace My journey

of restoration and love

Let go of all anger and pain

Let go of the dark colours

clouding your heart

Hand Me the brush

Masterpieces take time to create

Every one of my show piece’s

go through much training

They surrender to the process

Embrace the journey

set out for them

They know they can trust Me

That in time they will see

what I saw all along

My daughters restored back to My heart

filled with love for them

Bringing life to every dead place

They have placed in My hands

I choose each colour and you

surrender though you might not understand

In the end all the colours will be connected

to form a beautiful work of art

You will see how the dark seasons lead you to the future that I have planned for you

You will stand in amazement

When I am done with you

I am coming for a bride without spot or wrinkle

A bride who has dealt with

all the dark spots on her canvas

Who surrendered to the process

fully under My control

A bride who surrendered

to the dark seasons

and the lessons to be learned

She will look back and see how I used every colour to create a masterpiece within her

The dark season’s birth

My heart filled with compassion

and kindness within her

This is a time where I am doing

a quick work in My daughters

There’s no more time to waste

Deal with the dark spots

Stop hiding and take off your mask

I will walk you through every dark time

Generations are waiting

to taste freedom through you

I am breathing new life over you

A new season is dawning

Breakthrough in every dark place

Launching you

into the path

set out for you

There is no more time to waste

Get ready

Be ready to be My Masterpiece

colouring the world in with My heart

beating through you.

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey