Mind Of Christ

The Book of Hebrews talks about “fixing” our minds and our eyes on Christ.


That means putting our minds there and the eyes of our imagination there and leaving them there.

This is a powerful combination when both our minds and our mind’s eyes are on Christ continually.

It is the greatest achievement and objective of the spiritual life. If we discover how to do it, vistas of unlimited possibilities begin to unfold.

If we neglect this discipline, we must suffer the pains of earthly trouble with no helper in sight; we will feel as if we are alone, fighting giant insurmountable battles.

The battles will surely come. However, we are not left alone to fight them. If we will but keep our minds and our eyes focused on The Conqueror, The Vindicator, The Warrior, and The King, then armies of angels will appear and surround us as we vanquish every foe!

We can remember Christ as fully human – infant, adolescent, adult, and Preeminent Preacher. We can see him as The Lamb, slain for our redemption. We can imagine his resurrection and appearances to the disciples before he ascended right before their eyes.

We can know that he is seated at the right hand of The Father, constantly pleading our case and defending us against the accusations of the enemy. We can see him in his glory, shining like the sun. We can eagerly anticipate his triumphant return on the clouds and the terrible day of his vindication.

We can put our hope in our guaranteed appointment with him when we will be glorified in his presence, even as we marvel at his glory. Finally, we can feel his presence in our hearts as we learn to rest in him.

He will guide us into all the particulars of daily overcoming – guided Bible studies, seasons of prayer, and encouragement from our friends.

Our part is to make ourselves available.  

That is how we got started on this journey, and that is how we will end it – hearts and minds wide open to the unlimited and unfathomable love of the ages. Receiving and reciprocating this love is “Job One” during our time here.

All lesser gods must be vanquished.  

All earthly ambitions must pale in the sight of “The one with whom we have to do.”

Our battle cry is “Love, Life, Liberty!”  

Our vision is life without end, bliss like we’ve never known, and freedom from all sin, strife, and struggle forever in the presence of Our Overcomer, Our Brother, Our Friend, and Our Father!

~ Brad Heilhecker