Trust Our Way Through


What comes to mind?



Or perfectionism and impossibility?

In the sermon on the mountain in The Gospel of Matthew, Jesus asks us to be perfect, even to the point where we have perfect love for our enemies. How is this even possible?

In the Old Testament, in 2nd Chronicles 16:9, it says, “The eyes of the Lord roam to and fro on the earth searching for them whose hearts are perfect towards him, so that he can show himself powerful on their behalf” – a great promise.

The apostle Peter wrote that “He has given us great and precious promises that we might be partakers of the divine nature.”

So, it is by faith in Our Father’s numerous promises that we attain to the perfection that Jesus asks of us.  

We can love deeply, pray fervently, and hope eternally all because we believe his promises and thereby are able to overcome our fears and doubts.

The apostle Paul wrote that “Our righteousness is by faith from first to last.”

Our growth in holiness and Godliness is absolutely dependent on our laying hold of individual promises that are relevant to our current challenges; “We walk by faith, not by sight.”  

Therein lies the struggle—our preference is to be able to see our way through when oftentimes we are asked to trust our way through the difficulties of life.  

And just as we begin believing for one thing, we are asked to trust God for the next thing until we are trusting God with every aspect of our life.  

The reward is a confident life of spiritual rest in which Our Heavenly Father richly provides for all of our needs as we yield our hearts completely into his loving care.

~ Brad Heilhecker