Forgive. Release. Bless

What do you do when someone does ya dirty?

It doesn’t have to be something big – it could be small or just an offense you have taken on, but here’s what you do:

1. Forgive. We instantly forgive because that is what Christ instructs. That is the Head Knowledge.

2. Release. Stop rehearsing the hurts and release them over and over until step one moves from Head Knowledge to Heart Knowing.

3. Bless. Pray and Bless those that hurt you.

(Not that they get hit by a bus either)

It may feel like you have to do it through gritted teeth at first but just continue to pray and Bless those that hurt you. This is Soul Care.

This keeps any resentments or bitterness from taking root in your heart.

Try the FRB method. It really works!

Sometimes in the beginning all you can say is “Forgive Release Bless” until God guides you further into the healing process.

Stay unoffendable. Don’t take the bait!

Forgive – Release – Bless

~ XXOO Michelle Cosby Bollom

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