A God So Amazing

You didn’t allow me to give up

To find myself out of Your will

You were determined to walk me through

my afflictions and trials

In the midst of every storm

You were there for me

Reminding me time after time

To only see Your dreams for me

Though pain followed me like a cloud

You never left my side

Holding my hand,

when I stood alone

Wiping my tears,

when I couldn’t go on

Interceding for me,

when I couldn’t pray

When I was too weak to fight,

You were on the frontlines

My warrior who never loses a fight

Day after day

Month after month

My faith grew wings

I am amazed by Your love

I am lost in Your will

Longing to go deeper still

Faith took me to places

I never knew existed in You

In trust without borders

I found perfect peace

In a God, I never saw

Yet, I saw His hand alive in My life

I know the fragrance of His presence

Saw how His love healed every part

of my broken heart

In my highs and my lows

My deepest pain and my joys

In times when giving up

Looked so appealing

He would not let me go

He held on to me

Leading me back to His light

I couldn’t but trust

in a God so amazing

Who showed Himself faithful

Time after time

The times when I am falling

to pieces and fear crept in

He picks me up

Cleans me up

Sings love songs over me

Reminding me of His covenant with me

I have encountered a love so strong


Calling me to deeper place’s in Him

I am the fortunate one

To know the One called Love intimately

To walked a journey of becoming

The best version of Me

Only because Papa never gave up on me

Supernatural peace birthed

in the trenches of life

Reckless trust my habitation

A place with no borders

Every stop sign erased

A heart awakened

Longing only after her One true Love

He takes me to places

I never thought I would visit

Higher and higher

I go with the One who holds

the whole world in His hand

Yet, He chose to chase after

every longing soul

What love is this?

I may never know,

but I know I was forever changed

and overtaken by a God so amazing.

~ Ebigale Wilson

A God So Amazing

The Journey