Journey Of Becoming

Many started this journey of becoming

My set apart bride

Then gave up half way

Like Orpah you never heard

what they had to say

The Ruth’s didn’t back down

When pain knocked on their doors

They saw it as an invitation

to go higher and deeper with their King

They didn’t listen when the enemy

begged them to stay

Familiarity wanted to keep them in chains

They preferred to walk the path unknown

They had places to go

They had giants to slay

Territories to take in

Valuable lessons to learn

They held fast to Papa’s promises and dreams

Defended it with their lives

Gave birth to faith without boundaries

They weren’t moved by others

opinions of them

They were desperate to be

One with their King

Worked tirelessly

To gather the spoils

Now it is time to rejoice and to sing

In the background away

from all eyes

They were trained under

the watchful eye of their King

Beautified on the fields of despair

Don’t you dare keep them locked in

They are meant to be free

They have paid a high price

They walked through the wilderness

The blazing hot sun

Tasted defeat

Yet the calling on their lives

would not let them settle

For anything less than Papa’s best

This journey of purification and separation

stripped them to the core

They never allowed despair to move in

Old mindsets were broken

Hearts were set free

They stepped out to embrace

the unfamiliar

Became My bride

while still in mourning

They knew they had to move by My spirit

Greater things were waiting

outside of their comfort zone

A love story of becoming My set apart bride

A King and His endless love for His daughters

A covenant sealed with His blood

That will echo through eternity

Only because the Ruth’s chose to embrace

every dream their King had for them.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Journey Of Becoming

The Journey