God And Man Talk About Driving

God created the world and man and before – even Tom Cochrane, the Lord said, “this Life IS a Highway, sure to make you lose your mind. But not to worry, I have equipped you with gifts, and free will. Do as the Eagles advise and Take It easy, don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.

On this earth you and all of the creatures, even the Beatles have a Ticket to Ride.” And just like that man was hungry for the journey. Immediately he took off – with Meatloaf, like a Bat Out of Hell. On a dark desert highway, man listened to the Eagles all the way to Hotel California. He and Chuck Berry got their kicks going west and east on Route 66, but over time man learned, just like ACDC had, that he might be on a Highway to Hell.

Man was exhausted. If he was heading to where he should be, why was it so draining at times? Man cried out, “I Drove All Night, Lord.  I drove all night, just like Roy Orbison. He got an amazing talent, fame and money. All I got was lost, and my back hurts. It isn’t fair. Here I am, I Wallflower with One Headlight. But there’s got to be an opening somewhere here in front of me, through this maze of ugliness and greed. I’m just deflated, Lord, straight out of gas.”

The Lord replied, “slow down there Prince. You’re like a Little Red Corvette; moving too fast. Your life is not a Drive By, to be seen from the window of a Train. Every time you are On the Road Again, you are never alone. Whether you hear the voice of Willie Nelson, or Bob Seger, it is always me who is with you.”

Man looked again toward the Beatles and he asked the Lord, “maybe you can Drive My Car? Jesus, Take the Wheel like you did for Carrie Underwood!” Man pleaded, “Be like Melissa Ethridge and say to me ‘You Can Sleep While I Drive. I’ll go wherever you take me, Lord. You know best for me so I’ll just park myself right here and wait for you.”

“Child”, the Lord said, “I am the ruler of your spirit. You must guide your flesh throughout this world but we are better together. Lean into my spirit that resides within you. You always Ride Wit Me, like Nelly rides with City Spud. No more whining or excuses. Just Drive, like The Cars. Drive like Alan Jackson. Shut Up & Drive, like Rihanna. Take this JourneyFaithfully, because I will always have faith in you.

~ Kim Weingart