Dang That Pothole

Some days we are the shadow of ourselves. You know, kinda shaped like us, but flat and dark and featureless.

I am a positive girl, mostly. I am almost always happy, positive . . . I was blessed with kind of a bubblepot persona, one that hopes and believes in a greater something, even if you don’t know exactly what.

I have these coping mechanisms when I’m having a less-than-stellar day, and they usually work. The usual things . . .play upbeat music, go for a run, play the piano, read my affirmations.

Some dad-gum days my feet are lead, I don’t feel like believing in diddly-squat, and affirmations are sawdust in my mouth.

Let’s just face it: I like for everyone to think well of me, and sometimes it takes me more than a minute to recover when they don’t. OK, I said it.

It’s unrealistic to think everyone will. Yeah, ok. I still have a twinge every time. Call me Pollyanna. I’ll braid my hair and smile big and say you’re probably right. It stings, just the same.

Things change that I hoped would not, and life changes come and faces and numbers rearrange. Sometimes we shrug, or wink or give a dismissive wave. And sometimes it grabs you and hangs on like a stone in your soul and you just need to sit with it for a minute, and feel it.

I am still learning the best way to be a human. In that effort, authenticity works well for me. In the glory or the gloom, to just say “Hey, this is how it is for me right now!” Be real, be present, and keep on keeping on.

Life is like a highway. There are days when you hit a pothole. Days when someone sideswipes you. Days when you take a detour and get hopelessly lost. Days when you have a blowout and you’re stranded on the side.

Not every day, thank God. There are many days when the highway is clear, and the sun is shining, your heart is bursting and your favorite song is on. Those are the days to roll down the windows, turn up the volume, and soak in the joy.

And watch for people on the side of the road. They were you, yesterday, sailing along, singing and feeling like they had the world by the tail.

Dang that pothole.

Pull over. Be roadside assistance. Pay that forward. Tomorrow is another day.

~ Alane Roberts

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