When I Look Into Your Eyes

As I lay upon infinite verdant fields,

I behold the magnificent firmament,

starry-eyed, reflections of the night,

pondering the meaning of your love.

Impressions flash like movie scenes,

I take in, before me Your Sovereignty,

everything has a purpose and reason,

in the heavens, it is written, Your love.

The fluttering winds sing Your name,

a melody, harmony, rhythmic stanzas,

majestic score, musical composition,

I can hear the composer’s call of love.

Infinite universe is Your colored canvas,

with omega constellations and galaxies,

spiral bands of light, illuminate the land,

at the touch of The Master and His love.

As the Moon’s overwhelming luminescence,

blankets the ocean currents with pearls,

diamonds shimmer in the midnight sky,

The King of humanity tells a story of love.

You stand as the God of this vast universe,

the heavens cry out and declare Your glory,

I want to romance You with a poetic ballad,

when I look into Your eyes, an hymn of love.

~ ©Faith

“When I Look Into Your Eyes”

Public Domain Image

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