You Left Me Behind

Gasping for air

Everything a tailspin

It happened so suddenly

You were taken from me

Life didn’t give me time to prepare

Life didn’t give me time

to say goodbye

To reminisce about what you meant to me

Like a ton of bricks

I hit the floor

Trying to pick up the pieces

Through my deepest agony

I never knew that pain could run so deep

Sobs coming from an unknown place

deep within

A place I never knew existed

Why oh why God?

Do I have to carry this burden?

This agony is tearing

my body to pieces

Darkness moved in

Dreadfulness now my shadow

Pulling me deeper and deeper

to a place of no return

A place I sometimes wish

I could stay

The moment you left me behind

To fend for myself

That moment I lost my desire

to live and to love

Sadness now my daily bread

Oh how I wish for a brief moment with you

I would hold on to you and never let go

Tell you how greatly you were loved

The prints that you left

Will soon fade away

but the prints on my heart

Are carved in stone

Life will never be

as I knew it

In my darkest hour

I was reminded of Jesus’s darkest hour

When the One who never sinned died for me

The unfathomable pain

my Papa had to go through…

Only because of His great

love for me and you

He can relate to my agony and pain

He walked the parth

I chose to forego

He drank the bitter cup

I prefer to push away

Walking through the valley

of the shadow of death

Alone and away from His presence

With many questions on our lips

Only our pain to keep us company

One day we will understand, why!

Different seasons

A time to every purpose

under the heaven

Now a time to weep

Soon we will laugh again

Peace that surpasses all understanding

will be our portion

Papa will love us back to life

Back to His heart.

~ Ebigale Wilson

You Left Me Behind

The Journey

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