Take Stock

When we rest, we take time to take stock of our lives. That’s what even God did after he finished the creation. He stopped, surveyed all that he had done, and pronounced it, “Very good.”  What good is ceaseless labor, if we never stop to evaluate or appreciate all that God has given us to do.  

Even Solomon, with all his wealth and wisdom, said that his only pleasure in all of his possessions and achievements was that he enjoyed his labor.

When we stop and rest, we take time to appreciate our work, our families, our friends, and Our God. We can even make plans for the coming days. We can make course corrections and decide to quit certain endeavors and to begin new ones. We find out which of our life disciplines are bearing fruit and which ones need to be pruned. We find out who our real friends are and which relationships need to be scaled back. We do not have the time and energy for everything and everyone.  

We are not immortal yet. I imagine that, even in heaven, we will do things one at a time, talk to one person at a time, and spend solitary time with Our Lord regularly. In short, there will be order in heaven. Let us begin by ordering our lives now!

It has been said that “Variety is the spice of life.” That is true, but discipline and order are our bread and butter.

A life without structure can turn into chaos.

The wrong people and bad habits can easily creep into our sacred spaces and crowd God out. That is not good for us, for God, or for others. It is writtten, “He who gets wisdom loves his own soul.”  Also, “He who walks with the wise will become wise.”

Let us take time to walk with Our Lord, who is wisdom incarnate. Let us adopt his disciplines, his teachings, his mind, and his ways.

Let us allow him to live through us.  

Let us make sure that we are pleasing him above all else, for when we do, we become his highest priority.  

He will dispatch all of the riches of Heaven to assure that we succeed in our life’s mission.  When he becomes our life, we become his life – the apple of his eye!

~ Brad Heilhecker