Darkness Had To Leave

How does it feel

Alone in your corner

Hiding your face

Away from the world

I know that your heart

hurts beyond words

Unbearable pain

choked the life out of you

It’s safer here

Away from all eyes

Will you ever find the pieces

of your broken heart

Amongst the vague glimpses

of a future that awaits

When pain ruled your life

You have decided to listen

to darkness within

Drifting further and further away

from your King

Why let darkness decide your destiny?

Holding on to pain

While you possess so much greatness within

So many gifts lay barren

You don’t even know they exist

Clinging to dead things

Dying little by little

Overcome by what life handed to you

Why give darkness

so much power?

Come out of the corner

My child

Step into My light

Let My presence infiltrate

every part of your heart

My glorious light will empower you

Your face will tell a new story

of hope and of mountain moving faith

Let your mouth sing of

My kindness and love

Let your feet dance

To the rhythm of only My voice

Together we will overcome every obstacle

Standing in your way

Mountains we will move

Oceans we will cross

Visit uncharted territories discovered by few

You will leap

You will dance

You will sing a new song

Of a God who turned around

every tragedy for your good

Step out My child

Many captives are waiting

Go to the outskirts

The ghettos

The cities

Be My container of love

Invade every weary soul

Bring healing to every torn heart

Till every prodigal will

be changed by My love

My identity now embedded in you

Gone the wounded child

I am your safe place

You have stepped out

Scared and alone

You did not back down

A warrior was born

Out of the ashes you rose

Your heart stubbornly free

Ready to move to the sound

of only My voice

A brave son and daughter

Darkness had to leave.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Darkness Had To Leave

The Journey