Strong Crying And Tears

The writer of Hebrews tells us that Jesus prayed to the Father, the one who could save him from death, with strong crying and tears, and that he was heard because of his reverent submission.

If we are honest, we will admit that sometimes our normal every day prayers and petitions just aren’t getting the job done. We somehow need to learn to dig deep and find the brokenness and humility to cry out to God with “strong crying and tears.”  

For us guys, tears may be a little hard to come by, but we can all learn to cry out for help when we need it.

There is no shame in calling out to God for help. What might be a crying shame is if we go into a life and death struggle on our own when we could have and should have cried out for help beforehand.

I had a dream where I was in some kind of serious struggle, and I woke up a little just to hear myself say, “Help me; please help me!” Then, I was able to sink back into restful sleep.

A simple lesson, perhaps, but an important one. Often times, we glide through life on auto pilot and things go pretty smoothly, and that is o.k.  But mark my words; hard times will come around, dark days of trouble and sadness.

Even one of Job’s friends knew that “Man is born for trouble, even as sparks fly upward.”  Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes, “Remember the days of darkness, for they will be many.” And in Proverbs he wrote, “Even in death, the righteous have a refuge.”

Ultimately, if we are to hold on to our joy, we must anticipate and prepare for sorrow.  Solomon wrote that there is much sorrow even in wisdom. He knew that the more we know of life, the more we will see heartaches and train wrecks coming and realize that, most of the time, our only refuge is in prayer.

We are often powerless to prevent the suffering, we can only pray for the strength to be of some comfort to people when they need it.  And so, we are back to “strong crying and tears”, our big guns for major attacks.

Mercifully, as the writer of Ecclesiastes wrote, “There is a time and season for all things.”

Let us rejoice in spring and summer, for fall and winter are surely coming, and we will need to be prepared.

Let us store up love and joy and peace during the good times, and we will not be put to shame in the dark times.

We will have Our Father’s abundant comfort to see us through to the end!

~ Brad Heilhecker

Image by David Prior Photography