Deep Within Her

Darkness has moved in

It feels like it has become

her dwelling place

She feels so defeated

She does not know

if she can go on

Will her heart be able to take another knock?

On and on it goes

It never stops

The heat gets turned up

Higher and higher

The enemy always ready

with another blow

She is so tired

Her body aches

She wishes she could escape

Dissappear for a while

Warfare was worse this time around

How can she still stand

When around every corner

a demon stands

Ready to take her out

Her body tense

She has no fight left

Giving up looks so appealing

She closes her eyes

Transported to a place

she chose not to be at

It would be so easy to make

this place her resting place

To forget all her fears

The unending struggles

To just let go for once

Give darkness a chance

Papa’s voice deep within 

would not let her give up

You are stronger than you think dear one

Just breath, you know I believe in you

The enemy knows your future

That is why he will do everything

to keep you bound to your pain

Keep your eyes on My promises

The time of release is here

Hold on with all your might

Don’t retreat!

Stand your ground!

Soon you will look back

and understand why

the attacks were so severe

Deep within, her fight came forth

She opens her eyes

A gentle smile

now covers her face

For a mere moment the enemy

thought he had control

Papa always shows up

when she thinks she is alone

He takes us to oceans deep

Where He has full control

Where we have no option

but to let go

Out in the open seas

We lean into Him

While we face our fears

Till He becomes our rest

Our perfect peace

Warriors don’t give up

They don’t retreat

They hold on

with all their might

Bruised and battered

Crushed to the ground

They always get up!

Giving up…

Oh no they won’t!

Their strength is perfected

on the battlefield

Their faith gets wings

while they still bleed

Looking back

the growth is evident

Battles had its purposes

You are no longer weak

A warrior was birthed

She will take her place

Next to her King

She will rule

She will reign

It is time for the battlefield

to release every dream!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Deep Within Her

The Journey