Delicate You Are To Me

You are stronger than you think

Break loose from the chains

that want to keep you bound

Break loose from the voices

that want to silence you

Break free from the mind games

the enemy so bluntly plays

Don’t give anyone the power

to determine your future

Get your fight back!

You are not a victim to your circumstance

You are so much stronger than you think

You hold every key to your future in your hand

Your restoration and new beginning awaits

Within your surrender

You were created to taste joy

To embrace His dreams for you

Leave a legacy of faith

You are stronger than you think

For too long the enemy

played you like a puppet

Pulling the strings

While you danced to his tune

Cut the string!

Say goodbye to what was

With Papa next to you

you can face any enemy

Swim through rough seas

Face every fiery furnace

Daughter, you were born

to be free!

Shake the dust off your feet

Dance only to Papa’s heartbeat

You don’t have to face the future alone

He has been waiting

He is ready when you are

You are no longer a victim

He paid the price for His children

to taste freedom

You might feel like you don’t have strength

Too many battles already fought

Always losing

The enemy always ready

with blow after blow

You are stronger than you think

Papa believes in you

Everything you need

is found in Him

Don’t let pain determine your future

You are most fruitful

when you bleed

You have the power

to reverse every curse

Generations are bound and in pain

Because we have lost our will to fight

You’re not a quitter!

You were made to fight and to win

To take back everything stolen

We were created to rule and to reign

To walk in His favour

To swim in His oil

No demon can stop us

We won’t stop

till every promise

Is fulfilled by His hand

Change the direction of your life

It’s in your hand’s

Heaven’s already approved

your come back

You need to get up

Get your orders from Papa

For too long you dwelled in the desert

With no hope in sight

Acceleration to break forth

in every area of your life

is available

Lean into Papa

He holds the map of your breakthrough

and turnaround

He is ready to invade every broken heart

Every weak daughter

He will help to her feet

He will sing and dance over you

Till the only voice you hear

is Him leading you to waters of rest.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Delicate You Are To Me

“Stronger Than You Think”

The Journey

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